SR250 Project - PART I

It's been a while between project posts part of the reason has been because I've been busy with a few other non-motorcycle related projects.  I then realised I hadn't started a build diary for this little Yamaha 250 that I'd been working on for the past few months.

Originally it was going to be a client build but there was a change in plans so I ended up keeping the donor.  Most of the work had already been done in regards to the basic cleaning and prep, so I just wanted to make a few small cosmetic changes and get it back on the road.  The previous owner had also re-built the top along with bead blasting the engine cases.

Skip a few months and I've shaped and glassed a new rear section picked up some new tyres.  I decided to keep the stock tank since it was in such good condition.  I've been dragging the chain on this one hopefully the progress will speed up given that most of the time consuming boring stuff is out of the way.


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