Project Tonka - Gaskets and Wire

Cases split ready for new gaskets and a new front sprocket

The Tonka Project is getting close to finishing up.  I needed to replace the front sprocket and with these TW's you need to remove the left side engine case to do so.

So because of this I took the opportunity to split the cases and check out the internals and replace the gaskets at the same time.  I also replaced the all the bolts with the shiny stainless type.

After wrestling with getting the engine back in (found that using a mobile engine stand was the best way) I proceeded to layout the wiring.  I'm using an Antigravity under the seat and moving all the electricals under the seat.

The existing harness already had some work done to it with a couple of splices here and there, and I'd noted that the neutral and rear brake switch weren't working.

Powered by Antigravity

I ended up running a new neutral wire from the switch and pulling the rear brake switch apart to find a broken wire which I replaced.

Still waiting on a the indicators and the electrics will be done.

Rear Brake Switch with a non-existent connection


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