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Buildboard V2.0 Beta is Now Live

Get your Sh*t Together in 2017 Let this year be the time you dust off those tools, and finish off those projects that have become a hostel for your local spider gang. Buildboard was launched 3 years ago to allow handcrafted bike enthusiasts to source parts and keep track of their motorcycle builds easily.  It has grown to a community of hundreds of users worldwide including Australia, the US, UK and Poland This new release celebrates the 3rd birthday of Buildboard and showcases new features including an updated skin, and the ability to tag, comment and share your photos of your project. Buildboard now caters for a number of other build types reflecting the maker's revolution and the new wave of personalised hand crafted goods. If you have any suggestions on how we can improve it we'd love to hear.  Many of the new features and enhancements have come from feedback we've received.  If you need a bit of inspiration for your project, you can  see what oth

Project Tonka - Blast and Paint

All the body work is complete and I spent an afternoon pulling everything apart ready for the sandblaster.  Because the client had decided on stainless spokes I ended up cutting the rusted old ones to make removing the hubs easier.  It also meant that I could get a really clean finish by pulling the hubs completely apart. The shock also needed some TLC so I decompressed it and removed the spring and send that off for powder.  Decided on a yellow spring to match the new gold chain we'll be running. Everything came out really nice so I'll be looking forward to getting it all back together.  I'm just waiting on a few more parts to arrive for the forks before I can start.