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Painting the Buell headers

The Buell front forks were leaking so as a result I had to rebuild them.  While I was waiting on a few parts to arrive, I thought I take the opportunity to give the headers a bit of a clean up.  With some left over heat resistant paint I coated them a few times before curing them on the bike. My camera ran out of battery while I was spray painting them so I had to find a substitute video to show the similar process. Let's see how long the paint lasts for.

Build Diary Video Part III - TW200 Rear Fender Mount

I finally had some free time to edit some footage of making the rear fender mount.  Quality isn't that great as I'm using an old point and shoot.  I also forgot to film some of it including making the threaded bungs. TW200 Build Diary Part 3

The Experiment - Yamaha SRX250 Cafe Racer

We found this bike on ebay as a stock 1987 Yamaha SRX250.  I was pretty excited to win the bike at a fairly low price even though there wasn’t much information at the time about this particular model.  Which is no surprise as Yamaha had only manufactured this for a couple of years. We had picked up the bike from an area in Brisbane known for it’s close proximity to a large university and it’s toga parties.  I spoke with the then owner for a while, mainly small talk about the weather, the government and the fact that this might have yamaha’s 80’s experiment gone wrong, he then mentioned that he was in fact a scientist at the nearby university.  Irony aside is was only fitting that we named this “The Experiment”. Once we removed all of the plastic a neat looking frame begun to reveal itself.  We kept the stock tank and hand shaped the rear seat cowl, with an integrated LED taillight.  We sourced some leather from an old mercedes bendz that we used to cover the seat pan. We us