Light Rider by APWORKS

My experience with 3D printing is quite limited, I recently printed out a camera mount which took me a week to configure only to realise I could have downloaded a drawing of the exact thing I was after.  I've also tried explaining 3D printing too my dad but he never understood where the other dimension came from.

It was only a matter of time before a 3D printed motorcycle was created.   The Light Rider which sounds so 80's futuristic is the creation of a bunch of really intelligent people from a German engineering group called APWORKS.  Their bread and butter is the creation and manufacturing of products for the aviation industry using the latest in 3D printing technology.  

The Light Rider was created using the same
Algorithms as the Six Million Dollar Man
APWORKS see the Light Rider of the future of mobility, strong lightweight, and no carbon emissions.  The swiss cheese looking aircraft quality aluminium frame is exceptionally strong, and was created using bionic algorithms.  I'm fairly certain they were the same formulas that were used to create the Six Million Dollar Man back in the 70's.  Good thing they didn't throw out those worksheets.

"When bionic algorithms optimize the entire structure? "

For those that love specifications the bike will also be powered by a Silent, emission-free 6kW electric motor that can accelerate up to 130Nm of torque! Now that's impressive although I'm not sure how exactly that fits on the acceleration curve.

It's also now available for pre-orders as there will only be 50 created, but with a price tag of 50,000 Euro I think it will count out most punters looking for a cheap city run around.

Sure it's no camera mount but it's pretty impressive.

You can read more over here


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