1974 Norton Commando 850 Street Tracker

What does a cup of tea, Bangers and Mash, and Prince Williams's coke habits have in common? 

A brief history of the Norton Commando is as follows.  It was originally in production for 10 years from 1967 - 1977 and during that time it won numerous number Motorcycle of the Year awards.  30 years later and after a number of legal battles were fought the Norton Commando was manufactured once again. However unlike a number of historic brands which had shifted manufacturing locations offshore.  Rather than let it go All to Pot (down the drain), the new owner said Bollocks (nonsense) to that and Norton remained where it's roots lay by keeping it's original British heritage.

Now about the build, found in a barn in Rimbey, Alberta, Federal Moto wanted to keep the history Norton Commando alive with a simple design brief.

"We wanted to create a brat style tracker that you could ride around the city, or cruise through the rockies all the way to the coast. We only had one condition: maintain the soul of the classic design and feel that Norton had built 40 years ago."

With that in mind they then proceed to make some subtle changes, with the normal bratstyle cues such as the flat seat and loop, and tracker style bars.  Blimey the end result is the Bee's Knees (fantastic) a clean elegant machine and something that the original employees of norton would definitely be chuffed (pleased) cruising around the warehouse floor on while listening .

And to answer the question what does a cup of tea, Bangers and Mash, and Prince Williams's coke habits have in common?

Sod it? (give up?) They are all well known as British cultural icons awoight (alright).  Add the Norton Commando to the list and the wikipedia page is complete.

So make a cup of tea, sit back and enjoy these smashing(delightful) photos.

Photographed by Laughing Dog Photography


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