Ducati Scrambler by Vibrazioni Art Design

Italian based design collective Vibrazioni Art Design have been around for a while. Using recycled materials as a base for the artistic creations.  Cutting, welding and filling, to breath life back into objects which had been often allocated to the local refuse tip.

The design philosophy is something which I align with.  Each material that is chosen has a history, it's own story to tell, bringing it's own character to the design piece.  This is something that you don't get by using off the shelf or brand new materials or parts.

Doing this type of recycling is definitely challenging but far more rewarding.  If you've got the fabrication skills of these guys then the results are brilliant.

This is their latest piece of art the Ducati Scrambler entitled Flamingo in all its raw beauty.


You can view more of their pics on the Facebook page or some of their other designs including their furniture arm on their website


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