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Auto Fabrica - Type 10 BMW

Their website doesn't give much away in terms of typed content, but as they say a picture speaks a thousand words.  I mean who buys Playboy for the articles anyway.. The one that brought me to here was this BMW Build called Type 10.  The pipes are so clean and the lines seem to fit the bike perfectly.  This with along with most of their builds seem to be digitally conceptualised before the physical process takes place, judging by their 3d renders. If you have a spare moment go check out their minimalist site and read some of the articles. [Photos VIA]

Old Empire Motorcycles - RIDE OF THE RIPON

The production of short Motorcycle videos have come along way.  And since the introduction of drones has opened up a whole new level of creative storyboarding. I love this one from British Custom Shop Old Empire Motorcycles showcasing their build titled the RIPON.  Here's how they describe it. "Keeping the authentic classic lines to this build yet adding a healthy mix of unusual and modern results in our first build based on a Japanese four. The Ripons simple but distinctive suspension setup declutters the rear of the motorcycle whilst the angled seat unit flows seamlessly from the modified tank and into the minimalistic headlight shroud."  Check out their full gallery along with all their other fantastic works  here [First Seen @ VIA 8NEGRO ]

1949 INDIAN SCOUT – By Analog Motorcycles

Came across this gem looking through some of the builds from the handbuilt motorcycle show.  This 1949 Indian scout was meticulously brought to life by the guys from Analog Motorcycles.  The level of detail is amazing with most parts being hand made. I really like the fairing on this one, with the wind shield taken from a GSXR and modified. It probably goes as well as it looks based upon some of the other bikes I've seen come out of this workshop. It's also for sale at the moment for those of you that have a couple of extra pennies. You can view more of their builds over this way . [Photos : Analog Motorcycles]