LSG - Eye Spy Part 3 The Wrench Monkees

Anyone that has any interest in the custom scene has heard of or come across a bike that has been built by Wrench Monkees.  They are synonymous with the new cafe racer movement and have been one of the few pioneers that have captured the imagination of many a garage builder.

Their early bikes especially the club black series were some of my favourites and were so brooding that my voice got a little deeper just by looking at them.

They have been the focus on a number of great documentaries and have been featured in books and blogs around the world.  They've also been invited by Yamaha to take part in the Yard Built series which I posted about before.

Being such a huge fan there was no other option but to pop in while I was in the area.  I was fortunate enough to chat with co-founder Nicholas (great guy BTW) and for him to show me around the workshop.

I probably don't need to say too much more as their builds speak for themselves, but one thing is for certain the Danish design aesthetic is beautiful.

You can view some more of their work here 


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