Customising a Postie CT110

Fika has been a great little project for me, not only was it small enough for one person to work on but being a newish honda everything was relatively straight forward to understand.

I get a few messages about some of the parts I used on her so I thought it would be easier just to list them here.

First thing is that I'd suggest picking up the CT110 Manual which you can download over here


I painted this myself using Autoair colours and then clearing it with a Diamond Clear Coat.  The Diamond clear coat is great as you can apply it with either a spray gun or a brush if you don't have the equipment.  


For the indicators I used the Bullet Alloy Indicators ones I stock in the shop.  I had to fabricate some fork brackets for the front but for the rear I'm fairly certain I just used the existing indicator mounting holes.

These are great too as they only have the single live wire as the mounts are used to earth.

Mention the blog post and I can give you 10% off


I used the 4.5" Bottom Mount headlight that I stock.  For ease of connecting I simply cut and soldered on the existing headlight connector to this headlight.


I hand shaped this and now sell it as a kit The Honda Postie CT110 Custom Seat Conversion Kit.  It comes with the LED Slim Taillight and mounting hardware.  I've posted this before but you can view the information on it on my previous post or in the web shop.

Switch Gear

I internally wired the switch gear so I could minimise the clutter on the bars.  I used these POSH mini switch blocks which are fantastic.  


I used our Black Barrel Grips


I used our short stemmed clamp on mirrors which are super versatile meaning you can mount them on the bars in a bunch of different positions.  Have also seen a number of people mount these to the frame as well.


I picked up a pit bike header that I found on Gumtree and then used a Shorty Exhaust.  I had to fabricate a bracket to mount it where the center stand used to be.

Good luck with your CT110 Build!

Keep on wrenchin


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