Le French Atelier BMW R80RT it's French for Super Cool BMW Custom

I've been to France before, I ate croissants and snails, critiqued art the Louvre, admired the Arc De Triomphe and saw some flesh at the Moulin Rouge.  However I would have given all that up to ride something like this through the cobblestone streets of Paris.  A baguette in one hand and a fistful of throttle in the other.

This lowly slung BMW is from the French Collective better known as Le French Atelier.  It has some really nice details from the positioning of the indicators to the custom oil tank and looped single seat.

The choice in tyre also gives you a feeling that this just isn't for the showroom floor.

Directly from the horse's mouth

"For this bike we have inspired many of our friends Blitz and especially motorcycle Hugo, the black pearl. We wanted to create a very low and with a dragster motorcycle look. The base is a 1987 BMW R80rt1 , a former model of the French gendarmerie."

And with my expansive French vocabulary I say Oi Oi Cette vélos me rend heureux


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