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Nozem X AAAFresh Bmw R65 Custom

Found a picture of this bike on a moto art blog and tracked it back to a talented multi-disciplinary shop outfit from Amsterdam called Nozem.  Amsterdam is well known for many things.. mostly to do with extra curricular activities that most parents would frown upon.  However building fine motorcycles may need to be added to the list and at least something that you discuss with your family after your trip back from overseas. It's a BMW R65 with a list of cool mods including a Porsche headlight which looks to be mounted to the side of the bike.  The most striking thing which caught my attention though was the paint job which looks like Van Gogh could have painted himself. Check out some of their other work this way

LSG - Eye Spy Part 1

This new series of posts I'll be documenting the bikes that catch my eye as I wander the streets like a truant. Today's LSG Eye Spy Scrambled Honda CB750. Features Include Petina tank with grandfathers leather belt. Mini Taillight and Indicators Dirt Tyres KFC Number Plate And an Oil leak you could fry a chicken in.

Yard Built By Yamaha

I'll be heading over to finally check out the Wrenchmonkee store soon and thought it would be timely to post a video of something that they had done in Collaboration with Yamaha Motors. Yamaha created this Yard Build concept which they invited many of the leading custom builders to customize a handful of their latest flagship models including the SR400, XJR1300 and the XV950. The results are quite stunning and interesting to see the different paths each custom shop went down. Yamaha has done a great job in identifying the increased popularity of the custom scene. There are about 16 videos in the collection but these would have to be my favourite.

Le French Atelier BMW R80RT it's French for Super Cool BMW Custom

I've been to France before, I ate croissants and snails, critiqued art the Louvre, admired the Arc De Triomphe and saw some flesh at the Moulin Rouge.  However I would have given all that up to ride something like this through the cobblestone streets of Paris.  A baguette in one hand and a fistful of throttle in the other. This lowly slung BMW is from the French Collective better known as Le French Atelier.  It has some really nice details from the positioning of the indicators to the custom oil tank and looped single seat. The choice in tyre also gives you a feeling that this just isn't for the showroom floor. Directly from the horse's mouth "For this bike we have inspired many of our friends Blitz and especially motorcycle Hugo, the black pearl. We wanted to create a very low and with a dragster motorcycle look. The base is a 1987 BMW R80rt1 , a former model of the French gendarmerie." And with my expansive French vocabulary I say Oi Oi Cette vĂ©los

Chrome Triumph Scrambler

Scramblers have always been somewhat the bastard child of the custom family when the most recent scene kicked off.  Cafe Racers and Trackers where the favourites, playing with the other bikes on the streets while the Scrambler was left playing on it's own in the dirt.  When it did get together with the other bikes it was awkward and often loud and rambunctious spraying mud over the others for no apparent reason. I think think there is change in the air with custom VMX and Scrambler becoming the the customisation of choice by a lot of backyard builds popping up along with the big shops like Bratstyle. I found this chromed out Triumph Scrambler over at motart with photography done by Anthony Hall  not sure who the builder was but they did a damn fine job.