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Latest Buildboard Release

Buildboard Update The latest version of BuildBoard has just been released. After much feedback we've now added the ability to upload your own images to your build. So for those of you that don't have an Instagram account or don't want to spam others with pics of your overbored greasy piston then this should float your boat. This allongside the use of Instagram gives you plenty of flexibilty to document your build. I'm using Instagram how do I switch? All you need to do is go into "Tinker on Build" Menu then click on the Manage Build menu. From there you can just change your Image Upload setting to "I'll upload my own pics.." PUBLIC BUILDS Just a quick note for those that have still have their builds as private, feel free to share your masterpieces by turning off the private flag in your build details. If you're worried about showing your costs you have the ability to turn that off also. It'll let