Sweet New Tees

The good thing about having this site / blog / Buildboard is that it lets us try whatever we want.  This time we've had a crack at hand printing some Tees designed and printed in house.  Two different designs one being the simple logo and the Ride It Like You Stole It design.

For all you fashionistas out there they come in a variety of base colours and print colours.  The flaked copper came out great and works well with both the lighter and darker tees.  

We've also got a singlet for the ladies available in the fancy grey melange.

TShirt can be found on the webstore http://www.lanesplittergarage.com/shop.cfm


Patrick Flynn said…
Good on ya! We've been toying around with the same idea. They look great!!
LSG said…
Thanks mate, yeah they came up well and great fun making them too. Should give it a go.

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