Honda Postie CT110 Custom Update

We gave ourselves two months to complete the CT110 Postie custom and it's now 2 months since the tear down.  Budget was very strict and we've managed to wrangle it $150 below the target cost and it's almost complete

We ended up spending a bit extra and getting the frame and all the bits sandblasted.  Money well spent and saved plenty of time and definitely helped the paint prep.  I wanted to go for an antique type feel for the paint and it's come up looking almost like porcelain.

Managed to fire it up last night after realising the ignition coil wasn't earthed properly, which means we'll have it back on the road this weekend.

Follow to build details here on Buildboard and the entire thread here

On the bench ready to for blasting

Chopping a few bits and pieces
Engine cleaned up and painted

Everything sprayed and cleared
Most bits were cleaned and brushed

Super sticky rubber


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