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Black Bottom Mount headlights & Mini Black taillights

These are back in Stock for your Cafe Racer / Tracker / and custom builds. You can hit the shop for more details

Barn Finds

I've always liked the idea of a barn find.  Taking a trip into the country and stumbling across a shed full of vintage motorcycles.  Loading up the truck and driving away into the sunset with my tray full of loot. Snap back to reality, the interwebs has made it increasingly difficult for this to happen.  Today's barnfind is the winning bidder on an ebay auction. PS.  If anyone reading this has a vintage motorcycle sitting in their barn that they don't want.. message me.. thanks.

Ducati Scrambler 2015

"A Scrambler Means Many Things.." and with that Ducati are to release an addition to their stable in the form of a Scrambler in 2015. I'm guessing this is response to the popularity of Triumph's version.  And after watching Ducati's promo video it's no doubt who their target audience is.  Along with other big name manufacturers they are after the hard earned cash of the younger punters. Vintage glimpses of days gone by, surf sun and open spaces.  I wonder if their pricing will reflect the target market. Looking forward to see what they come up with might even have to grow a Mo for the occasion. [Via HFL] born in 1962 from Scrambler Ducati on Vimeo .

Studio Motor's The Patriot

I've always loved Buells since first spying the Cyclone in an edition of the Motorcycle Trader whilst eating a subway and waiting for a bus back out to suburbia.  Eric Buells oddballs designs really captured my attention, it was so different to what was currently on the market. Fast forward a few years down the track with the release of the Ulysses.  Perhaps is it should have been called the Uglysses, as it was probably one of the ugliest bikes that I've lever laid eyes on. I tried many things to make the sight of this bike disappear including watching a full solar eclipse without any cardboard eye protection.  It's like the old saying you're only as good as your last [insert whatever thing, in this case a bike].  For me, Buell was always be remembered by the Uglysses which is a shame as the lighting and firebolt were great at the time. It wasn't until today when I saw what Studio Motors had done to this machine that I can finally remove it from my memory.