The Voice Australia tries to pull the wool over our eyes

I don't watch much TV but when I do I pay attention.

Last night on channel nine while enjoying a cup of tea I noticed an advertisement for the latest Voice program.  It shows Joel from Good Charlotte jumping on top of a bikini faired Ducati Sport Classic 0.32sec next minutes he's racing the salt flats on what looks to be a totally different model bike 0:57sec.  At first glance I thought they may have kept the Ducati brand by using a 848 or something similar.
Who wouldn't want to get their hands on a Sport Classic

Unlike the original Sport Classic the one below is running a single side exhaust.  The tail is also a different shape along with the addition of the race fairing as apposed to the bikini.  Whoever is responsible for the art direction, obviously thought no one would notice such a huge difference in motorcycle type.  For me it stands out like a vegetarian at a BBQ.

You can see from the stills below the difference between the two bikes.

If anyone knows exactly what kind of sport bike they're using on the flats let me know.

This is the original clip here


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