The Back in Black kit

Black is the new black!

It was Batman's favourite colour, it's also the colour of night, the time of day of which the most exciting things happen.  You don't go to discos during the day do you? Black is also what ninjas wear and who didn't want to be one of them as kids.  In science there's the Black Hole, basically the whole reason you learn science.  Wesley Snipes also recommends betting on it.  

Who can argue with that?

This all black kit comes with all the main componentry to fit out your custom ride in the only

It includes:
1 x Set of Black Barrel Grips to suit 7/8 bars.
2 x Sets of Black Bullet Alloy Indicators.
2 x Sets of Indicator mounting hardware.
1 x Black 4.5 Inch Bottom Mount Headlight with a H4 bulb
1 x Black Mini Speedo.

By purchasing this bundle you're saving more that 10% off the retail price of everything.

Click here to check it out.


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