Honda SL70 Custom

Small capacity scramblers make me feel kinda funny.  If I spoke to my shrink it would probably relate back to my early childhood riding my BMX down the local track with a piece of card held against the back tyre with a peg.

I've written about how much fun it is riding smaller bikes before, but there is something satisfying knowing you're getting the most of the tiny engine.

Aesthetically it really doesn't matter what size the bike is but how all the components sit proportionally.  This Honda SL70 is a great example of this, with everything in it's right place.

The only problem with riding smaller bikes is that you may end up looking like Donkey Kong in Super Mario Kart whilst riding it.

Read about all the details that went into this build here

[Via Moto Rivista]


LSG said…
I know it's pretty nice

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