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The Back in Black kit

Black is the new black! It was Batman's favourite colour, it's also the colour of night, the time of day of which the most exciting things happen.  You don't go to discos during the day do you? Black is also what ninjas wear and who didn't want to be one of them as kids.  In science there's the Black Hole, basically the whole reason you learn science.  Wesley Snipes also recommends betting on it.   Who can argue with that? This all black kit comes with all the main componentry to fit out your custom ride in the only It includes: 1 x Set of Black Barrel Grips to suit 7/8 bars. 2 x Sets of Black Bullet Alloy Indicators. 2 x Sets of Indicator mounting hardware. 1 x Black 4.5 Inch Bottom Mount Headlight with a H4 bulb 1 x Black Mini Speedo. By purchasing this bundle you're saving more that 10% off the retail price of everything. Click here to check it out.

Honda SL70 Custom

Small capacity scramblers make me feel kinda funny.  If I spoke to my shrink it would probably relate back to my early childhood riding my BMX down the local track with a piece of card held against the back tyre with a peg. I've written about how much fun it is riding smaller bikes before , but there is something satisfying knowing you're getting the most of the tiny engine. Aesthetically it really doesn't matter what size the bike is but how all the components sit proportionally.  This Honda SL70 is a great example of this, with everything in it's right place. The only problem with riding smaller bikes is that you may end up looking like Donkey Kong in Super Mario Kart whilst riding it. Read about all the details that went into this build here [Via Moto Rivista]

R Nine T Custom Project

Similar to what Yamaha did with the relaunch of the infamous SR400, BMW has also come to realise the influence custom builders are having on the motorcycle market.  This time BMW are utilising their latest creation the R nineT Motard as the blank canvas.  This model was released in late 2013 and four of the most respected custom shops in Japan will be given free creative reign to customise it to their hearts content. The four builders holding back their excitement during the unveiling The BMW's have been becoming increasingly popular as a custom platform, and the thing about this model from BMW is that one of their main goals was to encourage exactly this. Looking at their website BMW provides a few different formats and aftermarket configurations depending on the look you want to achieve. For example unlike most cosmetic changes that a lot of manufacturers provide, you are able to change the subframe to run with a single seat. The four builders chosen are all from Jap

The Voice Australia tries to pull the wool over our eyes

I don't watch much TV but when I do I pay attention. Last night on channel nine while enjoying a cup of tea I noticed an advertisement for the latest Voice program.  It shows Joel from Good Charlotte jumping on top of a bikini faired Ducati Sport Classic 0.32sec next minutes he's racing the salt flats on what looks to be a totally different model bike 0:57sec.  At first glance I thought they may have kept the Ducati brand by using a 848 or something similar. Who wouldn't want to get their hands on a Sport Classic Unlike the original Sport Classic the one below is running a single side exhaust.  The tail is also a different shape along with the addition of the race fairing as apposed to the bikini.  Whoever is responsible for the art direction, obviously thought no one would notice such a huge difference in motorcycle type.  For me it stands out like a vegetarian at a BBQ. You can see from the stills below the difference between the two bikes. If anyone kno