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Back in Black

I love black motorcycles but for me it's always been such a simple choice in scheme to have everything with the pigment removed.  Lately I've started becoming more of a fan of the flat black color scheme, especially this 84 BMW R100 RS from Anvil . We've seen a fair amount of custom BMWs recently and I especially like the composition of the seat and tank on this one. [VIA  OTTONERO ]

Tricana Mondego

Portugese custom shop named Tricana has turned a Moto Guzzi barn find into this stunning cafe racer called the Trican Mondego. Some really nice details have gone into this build, including the integrated tail light which originally caught my attention.  Along with Akra exhausts, brakes, rims shocks and of course the body work. The green flaked paint scheme is classy accentuated with some gold pinstriping. Can't wait to see what other builds they come up with. (via CafeRacer351 )

Chicara Nagata

I stumbled across an image of one of these machines a while back but was unable to find the source or the builder of this machine.  I finally tracked it down to being a gentleman by the name of Chicara Nagata. A Japanese native from Kyusyu Island, Chicara doesn't use any fancy machines to build these works of art, but simple hand tools.  He estimate it takes anywhere between 5000 - 7000 hours for each build, that's 0.8 of a year if you worked full time 24 hours a day. All his designs are built from what he conceptualises in his head, no CAD models or sketches are created. With the first step being choosing the type of engine to base his build around, he then continues to fabricate each piece as he goes along. As you can see the results are astonishing, with most of the completed masterpieces being used as decorative pieces in the owner's home. Check out his website for more images and other models (All images from