Garage Musings

It's been a busy couple of weeks here finding the time to get a couple of other projects kicked off again.  Our 1974 Honda has been stripped back to nothing and ready to be sent off to the blasters and powder coaters.  After hand stripping the paint off 3 bikes so far we've finally come to realise that's it's probably worth the money to get someone do this for you.  Then will need a bit of work and we'll need to get a new kicker spindle engineered, but hopefully the 1974 technology shouldn't be too hard to figure out.

Also started work on the SR400 modifications, with a frame chop and rear loop installed.  Have also welded up a tab to hold the rear fender, along with indicator mounts.  This bike will be called blossom based on the paint scheme that I've decided to give it.  We'll be selling this one when it's done.  Will be stripping it down, repainting and cleaning up most of the electrics.

Have made this build public on Buildboard if you wish to follow it here.


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