Garage Musings

It's been a great couple of weeks in the garage.  We've managed to focus on getting a lot of the smaller details sorted on The Experiment, along with doing some work on getting a friends Postie bike on the road.

While I was up one night painting I started thinking about what I enjoyed most out of customising a motorcycle.

The Iwata is the best gun I've used.
At this time of zen, I was having some good luck with the painting, it was mixing well, I hadn't put fingerprints all over my work, there were no paint stains on embarrassing positions on my slacks, the neighbours hadn't complained about the compressor noise at 11pm at night.  I was in the zone.  And at that moment I could have said that painting was the part I most enjoyed if I didn't pass out from the fumes (the psychedelic dreams were enjoyable too, Pamela Anderson on a Unicorn FTW).

After all the only reason why I gave airbrushing a go in the first place, was so I could paint my own motorcycle tank.  The funny thing is, I still haven't painted my own tank, only practiced on the other builds we've done.  I'm not sure why but I always find it so much harder to change something that I own.

But I also realised that this was not the only process that I loved.  Every part in a build appeals to a certain aspect of our psyche.  After all that's why we as garage builders do this, because we enjoy the process and the satisfaction it gives us.  From the initial moment of purchasing a donor bike, to the strip down and the dirty jobs of cleaning and polishing every part,  to the final assembly there is something to love.

The great thing about customising motorcycles is that it gives you a taste of everything,  from being designer to engineer, to painter to test dummy.  Not many other projects touch base on so many different skill sets.

Besides smelling all the petrol fumes what do you love about it?


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