Cover me I'm going In - LSG Cover Some or Coveralls

We've put down our grinders and size 10 spanners and replaced them with thread and denim.  We've let our inner fashion designer out and as a result have ourselves some neat looking garage wear.  Not exactly the most manly thing we do here in the garage but a definite necessity.

I can't count the number of T-Shirts, jeans, shorts, shoes that have ended up in the "garage wear" basket as a result of working on bikes.  Or the time when someone mistook me for doing something (sounds like procrastination) in the laundry basin when in fact I was scrubbing an oil stain out of my work shirt.

Embarrassing times call for desperate measures.  We made these from lightweight denim for warmer weather / but heavy enough to deal with garage turmoil.  The pockets are big enough to fit our wrenches and some small hand tools.   Could also wear them taking the bikes for a test run.

Can't wait to give them a good wearing in over Winter.


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