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Woo Hoo new stock

Always feels like christmas when we get new stock.  Here are out latest additions 60mm Mini Speedos with LED warning lights. New style Matt Black mini taillights with the outer shell made from Diecast metal All come with mounting hardware.  Webshop has all pricing and info Cheers

182 Honda Convertible

I saw this over at 8negro today and couldn't help but repost this.  Love the lines on this one and how they're now running with an under seat exhaust and mono-shock. Mono can be hit an miss sometimes, especially when i comes to things like sound, saturated fats and eyebrows.  Agro and Frida were the only two people that I know that have managed to rock a mono eyebrow known as the monobrow.  But the mono on this CB750 makes all the difference. The paint job is nothing new with CRD originally using the 2 toned horizontal masking on the tank.  It still looks great though. Steel Bent Customs sure produce some nice work.

Cover me I'm going In - LSG Cover Some or Coveralls

We've put down our grinders and size 10 spanners and replaced them with thread and denim.  We've let our inner fashion designer out and as a result have ourselves some neat looking garage wear.  Not exactly the most manly thing we do here in the garage but a definite necessity. I can't count the number of T-Shirts, jeans, shorts, shoes that have ended up in the "garage wear" basket as a result of working on bikes.  Or the time when someone mistook me for doing something (sounds like procrastination) in the laundry basin when in fact I was scrubbing an oil stain out of my work shirt. Embarrassing times call for desperate measures.  We made these from lightweight denim for warmer weather / but heavy enough to deal with garage turmoil.  The pockets are big enough to fit our wrenches and some small hand tools.   Could also wear them taking the bikes for a test run. Can't wait to give them a good wearing in over Winter.

Yamaha Cafe Racer By Brown Dog Welding

I've spent a fair amount of my allocated internet time tonight perusing the artistry of Josh of the one man fabrication shop called Brown Dog Welding. He takes what starts out as scrap and turns them into one of sculptures, predominantly of the automotive variety. This little Yammi is no exception, and judging from the layout of the bolts it looks like it might be sporting a Virago engine, even a set of firestones and definitely a few bolt on parts too! As the saying goes... what's one mans junk is another mans sweet looking mini yamaha sculpture. You can see more of his work here on his website

Garage Musings

It's been a great couple of weeks in the garage.  We've managed to focus on getting a lot of the smaller details sorted on The Experiment, along with doing some work on getting a friends Postie bike on the road. While I was up one night painting I started thinking about what I enjoyed most out of customising a motorcycle. The Iwata is the best gun I've used. At this time of zen, I was having some good luck with the painting, it was mixing well, I hadn't put fingerprints all over my work, there were no paint stains on embarrassing positions on my slacks, the neighbours hadn't complained about the compressor noise at 11pm at night.  I was in the zone.  And at that moment I could have said that painting was the part I most enjoyed if I didn't pass out from the fumes (the psychedelic dreams were enjoyable too, Pamela Anderson on a Unicorn FTW). After all the only reason why I gave airbrushing a go in the first place, was so I could paint my own moto