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Vintage Oilers

Was at the markets the other day and stumbled across these little beauties.  I never used these as a kid but my first memory of them was from watching the Wizard of Oz.  It was the Tin Man's equivalent to an Asthma Puffer or Deep Heat.  He would have to stop every hour or so to put a couple of drops of oil into his joints before he would sieze up.  The name Tin Man also reminds me of a uni days where a friend of mine, invited a lady friend back to the share house, only to keep everyone up with the sound of his rusted bed frame. Being the hoarder that I am, I couldn't resist making a deal and I walked away with these three.  Too bad I didn't have these back during uni days, I would have lent my friend the Tin Man one of these.

Waiting Out Winter

For those of us in the Southern Hemisphere we'll be heading into Winter soon.  There is no better time to get into the garage and work on your projects than this season.  Even though it doesn't snow where we are, it's just easier in winter to find an excuse to spend endless hours tinkering. Summer is too hot here and working an hour in the garage is more uncomfortable than spending an hour in the sauna with a Yoga instructor called Bubba.  And then you've got the other two seasons Spring and Autumn which are just segues between Summer and Winter This video pays homage to a bike builders favourite season.... Winter. Enjoy

Buildboard Updates

Buildboard is still in BETA stages but already we've had a number of people registered and keeping track of their custom builds.  UPDATES We have moved to a much more robust infrastructure which will help solve any problems you may have had previously with not being able to log in. You may also notice an increase in speeds across the board (no pun intended) We have done some work around reminders now so that you can edit / view / and "mark as done" directly from either your dashboard or build screen. Fixed a few small bugs here and there as they have been reported. New builders can now sign up directly through a facbook account. Still if you have any other suggestions / or find any issues along they way feel free to drop us a message. Keep Wrenching LSG