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Introducing Buildboard

For a while now while we tinkered away on our various projects and we discovered that keeping track of these became a task in itself.  Sourcing parts, services and the monitoring of project expenditure was difficult.  By the end we would have spreadsheets for some things, yet we’d bookmark links for other items.  We’d also have a separate folder for images floating around in the background sometimes never to be seen again. When friends would ask what we’d been working on it was always more of a verbal description than anything else.  The blog helped us out to a certain extent however you don’t always want to put everything up for the public to see.  Especially when sensitive information like finance is involved. This was how Buildboard came about, it was developed more out of necessity than anything else.  It finally gave us a way to file everything in one place.   We also realised that photos were such a big part in documenting progress.  Because of this we leveraged off the

Start Me Up

The Experiment is finally up and running.  It was our most challenging bike so far in terms of the electrics.  We rewired everything from the running switch gear and all existing lighting. We finally fired her up for the first time after and she started straight away via the electric start.  No baffles and she sounded beautiful. We have a few small little details to finish up, side panels, fab a plate holder.  But now it's time for paint.

BMW R100RS By La corona motorcycles

Along with the Viragos the BMW have become a common base for a lot of bike builders.  I think the engine's simplistic shape has a lot to do with this.  It gives the bike a low down bulk to the overall look. Custom shop La Corona Motorcycles out of Barcelona have done an amazing job with this R100RS.  Stripping everything down to the bare minimum and adding some classy modern touches to it. The full specs are: Deposit: Kawasaki kz750 Chassis: swingarm and forks as standard. Faro: Scrambler grid Handlebar: Dirt track Start: Battery. Speedometer: Mini 60 mm Lighting Controls: integrated ISR handles Grips: Classic black Tires: Standard, reinforced front Tires: Firestone ANS Military 1/5 Front brake: Standard Front brake calipers: Standard Front brake pump: Standard Seat: motorcycles crown Escapes: The crown motorcycles Fender, taillight, battery box, and painting: The crown motorcycles Toolbox: The crown motorcycles, available at our s