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Vintage GN125

Another custom shop in Japan called MOTOR ROCK are responsible for this fantastic little GN125 Custom. From the looks of things the engine seems to be the only original piece remaining from the stock bike.  The lines of the bike certainly give it the vintage feel especially with the springer front end and boardtrackesque tyres. Everything is in its right place, nicely worked proportions make this little 125 appear larger than it is. Check out more of their work here

The One Motorcycle Show 2013

To visit this show is on my Bucket List.  Show casing builders from around this states, with a philosophy that every bike is built for a reason. The show is on the Feb 8th to the 10th, and there's no excuse not to go when it's also free admission.

Old vs New

It's been a while since we updated progress on The Experiment.  A thing called Christmas and a New Year happened and it was definitely a welcome break. We've managed to get most of the wiring sorted out.  It was a fair bit more to do than our previous builds as we wanted to get rid of the standard switch gear and run smaller switches as well as created a custom dash to display LEDs. Also because we're running LED tails without a brake light we just need to pick up a resister to dim the running light and bypass it when the brake is applied.