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Hydro Anyone?

First time I've seen something like this although it's been around for a few years now.  It's a different technique to used to apply graphics to a solid object.  Reminds me of the old Tie Die days back in the 70's but without the rose coloured glasses. I'm not sure what it costs be the speed in which you could apply graphics to a tank / wheels / helmet is quite impressive.   Given the fact that you could also create any graphic that you wanted. Looks like you can also achieve somewhat of a transparent finish too.

Circuit Scribe

We just saw this on Kickstarter.  It's a project that allows you to simply draw your circuits using only a pen and the some kind of conductive silver ink. There are also a number of other elements that can be used with it such as LEDS and switches.  If they get the backing it sounds like they'll also be creating resistor ones aswell. This could revolutionise the way we go about wiring harnesses.  Imagine being able to simply lay down your wiring diagram on a piece of vinyl and attach it to your bike, or even better simply draw it straight onto the frame.  Or being pulled over by the fuzz for not having adequate indicator lighting and simply whipping out your Circuit Scribe "What missing indicators officer?" I like where this is heading, check out the video below and the kickstarter project here

Blossom Done and for Sale

Took Blossom out for her final ride before she goes up for sale. Blossom has been in the LSG family for almost 3 years. Imported from Japan and slowly modified over time. She's best described as confident and flirtatious. She enjoys quiet nights in aswell as waking up the neighbours on first kick. She's into pop culture and going to the local coffee shop. Dislikes the top 40 but doesn't mind listening to a bit of Johnny Cash and Elvis.  If she sounds like the perfect match for you let us know as she's now for sale . Can you view most of the recent work on Buildboard here

Eagle and the Skull

Sat under a tree and free handed this one with one shot.

Buildboard Release 1.1.9

Buildboard Update We're excited to announce the release of version of 1.1.9 of Buildboard. We've worked hard to add new features that will help you with keeping track of your current and future projects. Along with the new features we've also fixed a number of bugs along the way.   Like tuning a carb there maybe a few small niggles so if you do find one feel free to let us know. What's NEW? Timesheets - Buildboard is great for keeping track of expenses but how do we quantify the blood sweat and tears that goes into a build? They say time is money.. now there is a way to not only keep track of your tasks and items, but also your precious hours. Unlike Cher it won't turn back time, however the Timesheet module allows you to log your time against your build items. You're now able to track down where that weekend disappeared to inside the vortex that is your garage. Build Item Images and Price Lookup -  We know that the last th

Project Blossom SR400 Progress

This project is almost finished and ready to be thumped around town.  Am only waiting for the final upholstery on the seat which seems to always take the longest. The rewiring has been done, even though the original owners had already made modification to it.  It was more of a tidy up and to include the new speedo with the built in warning lights. Will be up for sale once we do a road test. Cleared and ready for a cut n polish free hand sketch and airbrushing White basecoat ready to be vandalised.

Garage Updates

Tank prepped and ready for paint  In between non-bike related work we've managed to keep things ticking over, thanks to bike night our weekly ritual. The progress on the Blossom the SR tracker is coming along nicely with most parts cleaned up / painted and reassembled.  We're now in the middle of minimising the wiring harness which resembles more of a boa constrictor at the moment.   We also managed to pop out a rather large ding from the Sweet Honda tank by spotting a couple of pieces of my old CD stand, we could probably thank Spotify for that. Dropping some tabs  Flush seat pan Poppin some dings Blossom (SR400) gets some bling Blossom (SR400) gets some bling

Bratstyle - Interview with Takeshi Takamine

It's been 16 years since Go Takamine first opened up Bratstyle.  Something which has changed the world of custom motorcycles forever.  Not only has his style of custom created it's own genre but these custom built singles and twins have been an inspiration to builders around the world.  Which is quite ironic considering the philosophy behind building these customs was to break boundaries of any existing genres. Here's a short video showcasing their shop in Tokyo and a sneak peek of Takeshi Takamine ideas and his current direction.

ONE by GP Design Workshop

For me the Brutale has always played second fiddle to the other Italian Streetfighter (and no it's not Rocky Balboa), but not this one. One in fact is the name of this modern custom developed by the crew at GP Design Workshop. Taking a stock Brutale 800 and turning it into somewhat of a modern day chariot ready to be ridden around the colosseum sideways and on the back wheel. Just like the chariots of the ancient times this one also looks like it comes with a few horses although official numbers have not yet been released.  What is stated though is that it's the first motorcycle with all apple devices integrated. The dash is an IPad - Mini with a purpose written application to power the tach and speedo and a number of other elements.  This would also allow onboard GPS, and the rider to have a quick game of Candy Crush while waiting in traffic.  Gone are the traditional mirror, these have been replaced with iPods with cameras. There are a couple of other non-tec

The Ultimatum

Painted freehand with one shot and a Mack pinstriping brush. Normally I sketch it first but this time I thought I would just wing it.

And just like that...

We're back into the cloud. Thankyou, thankyou, thankyou to everyone that came down during the month either as a visitor or as a helping hand. We hope to do it again sometime soon! Cheers LSG

1962 Zuendapp

If you see this bike in your rear view mirror you may mistake it for a small capacity cafe racer.  You would be right, but this would definitely be a case where objects may appear larger than what they are.  This bike is small and when I say small, I mean 50cc small.  Enough power to get you up to the local speed limit, tucked in, down hill, teeth clenched, wearing a full body lycra suit and a tear drop helmet. Photographer Lorenz Richard states that it may be the smallest cafe racer in the world, and has done a great job in capturing the level of detail in the build, and making it look larger than the stated 50cc capacity. The build iteself was created by Young Guns Speedshop in Rapperswil, Switzerland.  Unfortunately I wasn't able to find to much other info on the build or builder but if this is anything to go by I can't wait to see what else they come up with. You can see more of Lorenz Richard's photography work  here