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Experiment Primed

Getting so close to finishing this project off.  The tank and seat are now primed and ready for the base color. The seat took a little longer then expected with continued hand sanding to get it looking as smooth as we could as well as drilling the fittings for the integrated LED taillight. The measurements on the bars worked out perfectly and we wouldn't have been able to run these clip-ons if we hadn't used the mini switches . Next up is to finalise the wiring, and I only had spaghetti the other night.

The Hamayama, changing clothes

Stumbled upon this video tonight and was entertained to the end.  The honesty of the footage and the rolling soundtrack really appealed to me.  I was able to follow the build through the changing of the seasons. Building a custom motorcycle is not an quick project by any means, especially if you're a backyard builder.  But you forget about the time, money and effort once you hear the engine turn over for the first time and roll it down the driveway, and that's I also felt from watching this. There's some great angles and filters, a mixture between hand held and static shots. It's nicely done and worth a watch.