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Deus Ex Machina

What makes a bike aesthetically pleasing is very much subjective.  In this short film called Deus Ex Machina (not related to the motorcycle brand of the same name), the subject Jack is very open and honest about what his philosophies are in everything from design to the processes involved. He shares his backyard workshop as he creates a somewhat "Incredible Mess" of a motorcycle.  Jack mentions the satisfaction of creating something with your own hands and the learning process involved.  As well as the tranquil state of mind that occurs when you step inside the workshop, and watch the hours fly by. I definitely learnt something from this video, especially taking a step back when nothing goes to plan. Enjoy.

The cogs are turning

One of the best parts about working on bikes are ordering and getting the parts delivered.  Finally received the new chain and sprockets for The Experiment. Opted for an O-Ring chain as apposed to a standard heavy duty. Besides lasting longer they are way more easier to maintain. We've also done some work on installing the mini-switches on the clipons.  Still yet to wire them up but  you get the drift. We've also replaced the stock chunky switch gear with a polished aluminium throttle housing.

Castel By Ruby

After Five years in the business Les Ateliers Ruby their first full-face helmet called the Castel and can be described as : " Evel Knivel meets James Hunt on Friday The 13th !" As with their previous helmets it looks absolutely stunning.   I'd be too scared to wear it incase my head put a scratch on it. You can view more of their collection here