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Experimental as anything

The Experiment is finally on it's way to looking like a bike again.  We've had a few other projects on the go so it's good to finalise a few things.  The tail section has been finalised (after many hours of sanding, filling, sanding, filling), it made me thing about what would be faster sheet metal or fibreglass. But we're pretty happy with the overall look of the bike. We've fitted the swingarm and new tapered headset bearings. Now it's just about getting the remaining parts back on and ordering a few extra bits an pieces.


I was over the moon today to find my letterbox filled with an envelope from Death Spray Customs.  It contained a bunch of great looking stickers. I've been following DSC for ages and am such a big fan of his work.  The designs and artwork are refreshing to say the least. The website is here and cycleExif also has a great interview with the man behind the paint. Thanks mate keep up the awesome work!

Painting Frames

Have spent the last couple of weeks painting, mainly frames for both the motorised and non-motorised variety. A friend of mine wanted his frame painted with a blend of green and white.  Ended up going with a sparkle hot rod green into a bright white. It's a tad more interesting than spraying an all black motorcycle frame that's for sure.