5 Videos to Inspire

So every now and again I watch a handful of videos to reignite my imagination for motorcyling, to either get me inspired to ride, or inspired to keep those wrenches turning.

Most of you have probably seen these before, but these are my top five all beautifully shot.

Number 5 - Machine

Matt seems like a great guy, no BS and doing what he loves.  All the while learning in the process to create some stunning machines.  His workshop in the Australian countryside brings serenity to the process of this disruptive artform.

Number 4 - Cafe Cowboy

This film is based around Dustin Kott who runs and owns Kott Motorcycles.  He speaks candidly about his first beginnings into the world of motorcycles, and his influences in creating the bikes he does today.

Number 3 - It's better in the wind

Inspired by the book "The Road Not Taken" by Robert Frost and "Easy Rider".  This movie documents the travels of a group of friends through country America.  This is a great short film and really emphasises what riding a motorcycle is all about.

Number 2 - We R Winning

This film was probably one of the first well shot videos I saw about a custom shop.  It's the story behind Twinline Motorcycles, their philosophies, beliefs and motivation in running this Seattle based custom shop.

And Finally..

Number 1 - Shinya Kimura

You probably all knew what would be number 1.  But this was by far the most influential motorcycle film to be released recently.  Not only because of the subject matter but the way it was shot.  A rare look into the world of the man responsible for the Zero-Style motorcycle.


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