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Melbourne Trip

Melbourne is Australia's hub of cultural delight.  I managed to spend a few days down there recently and took a stroll down Collingwood.   The great thing about Melbourne is that it's such a motorcycle friendly city.  Riders are legally allowed to park their bike on the curb to mix along with pedestrian traffic.  Something which is unheard of in Brisbane and their backwards legislation. I paid a visit to the friendly folk at the Modern Motorcycle Company and took a couple of photos of the Honda that was parked out the front.

The Seeley Norton

The Seeley Norton was a project created to realise a dream of building a period race bike.  Most people would stop at the building part, however the team of Kenny Cummings and Dan Rose not only wanted to construct, but also race competitively and eventually win.  They set themselves a year to achieve it, an ambitious goal no matter which way you look at it.   The build has some fantastic details and it's obviously built for the track, but what sets it apart is the fact that it would be equally at home as a show piece. " A modern interpretation of a Seeley MKII Racing Norton motorcycle with a hand fabricated frame by Roger Titchmarsh and imported from Minnovation Racing in the UK.  Powered by a custom Commando motor assembled from Steve Maney Racing components and JS Motorsport internals.  No paint… just bare metal." Will they achieve their goal?  You can read more about the team and follow their adventures on their very inform

Bamboo Motorcycle Seat

I've built a couple of things out of Bamboo such as a blow dart, and a spear to hunt Cane Toads , but never a tail section for a Custom.  This guy built one one strand of bamboo at a time, laminating, fibreglassing and finally buffing it to the fine masterpiece you see below. I've no doubt that he won't have a problem with strength as bamboo is the equivalent of natures carbon fibre. It took a total fo 200 hours which equates to about 10 weeks of work if you remove morning teas / lunch / afternoon tea and water cooler chat.