Mini Switch

Just like a switch block but tiny

Have always wanted to give these a go.  


David Mucci said…
Where can I get these?!
LSG said…
Hey David, how many are you after? I've got a couple spare. Shoot me an email if you're interested.
lincolnblack said…
Is that just horn and indicators? I could also be interested!
LSG said…
Hey Lincoln,

Depending on which side you use it on. I'm going to use it for horn and indicators like you said. And on the right Start and Kill switch.

Would these be for the tracker?
lincolnblack said…
that's the plan! What about hi/low beam? Or no high beam?
LSG said…

Making a dashboard with ignition and idiot lights / another switch for hi / lo beam. Other option would be a switch on the headlight bucket.
I need some for a custom I'm working on and I've only seen them on a website from Japan. Where can I get them from in the UK / Europe? Thanks Adam
LSG said…
Hey Adam, I'm not sure where in the UK you can get these. Hook motors maybe?

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