The Experiment - Prac 1

We've been brainstorming a few things before we jump into the teardown, among them were

  • Wait for the new Carb Boots and Air filters to come in so we could start it up to make sure everything is running as it should
  • Work out whether we needed to purchase new clip-ons or use the existing hi-rise ones lower on the forks under the tripple.
  • Work out where we were going to install the battery.  Because it was electric start only we decided to keep the standard battery.
  • Shape a tail section in situ so we could see it with everything in place.
So far we have done all but get it started as I've had the carbs off giving them an overhaul.  Will hopefully get to it this week.

We've almost finished the tail section, we're definitely feeling more comfortable with the process as it's our third seat we've made from scratch.  It's probably taken half the amount of time as the first.  The key is to get the shape as perfect as you can before you glass.  The less amount of body filler you use the lighter it is.

We've welded up a batter box from some spare sheets of steel.  It's should be cool sitting filling up some space in the triangle.

The clipons work great, so that'll keep the build budget down marginally as a descent set of clipons are quite expensive.

Next up is to make a dash panel.  We'll be running mini switches on the bars and a single speedo so we'll need to create a dashboard to accomodate warning lights / ignition and a switch for the lights.

Still a learning process but so far so good, and all good fun.

Cutting the mat to shape helps with the application

Glass set and ready to fill

Hi-Rise clipons mounted under the top tripple.  Lines up perfect.
Just needs a dash panel now, single speedo is so lonely.


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