Stretching her legs

Hilt and I took an early morning ride today since the weather was perfecto.  Ended up taking some photos of the Legbreaker along the way.


Anonymous said…
Bike is looking great - was curious about the missing front fender and smaller rear fender tho. What's the legality of that? I also live in Bris, so same rules should apply.

I got myself an RX125 (79) last week and have been scouting around looking for some ideas on what I can do with her.

Nice work.
LSG said…
Thanks mate! All bikes need a front fender and a rear guard to 45degrees from the rear axle.

That's a cool little bike you've got there, let me know if you need a hand with anything.

boars said…
Ah so she's not legal in those photos then. Shame, they do look rather awesome without the front guard.

Photos just made me curious if there were some classic models before a specific ADR came along to introduce the 45 degree requirement on fenders.

Rear fenders really make the backside of a sports bike look like complete and utter arse these days. FE kits look fantastic, really lightens up the rear end.

I've been attempting to figure out an aggressive looking hugger for my FZ6 instead of a fender to satisfy the 45 degree rule and to allow me to get rid of the fender itself.

Cheers for the reply.
LSG said…
I know I do prefer the look without the front fender.

Good point about the Classic models, might have to look into that, would also mean cheaper registration.

FE kits are great but normally cost a bit for what they are. I don't think they're legal either? I guess it depends on who does the RWC.

Have you thought about fibreglassing your own hugger? Shape it to suit.
boars said…
From my (very little) understanding of ADR's and such... I don't think it matters if your rear fender is a hugger or a fender hanging down from the top of a bike. For instance my FZ6N has a Fender that hangs down to the 45 degree mark and also has a mini hugger that stops spray coming up underneath the rear... if I removed the hugger I'd get no grief from the police...

However if I remove the Fender and keep the hugger I get the whole 45 degree issue.

If however I had a large hugger type fender like a lot of choppers/old school bikes have, I'm sure that the hugger would be adequate for the 45 degree fender rule. I don't think they really differentiate?

Whether or not you can get a RWC wont matter to the cop who pulls you over tho. He'll ticket you regardless if he thinks it's not right.

FE kits have more than one issue tho... it's not just the 45 degree part. They change the distance that indicators are attached. I believe there's something that dictates how far they must be apart, a minimum distance? Of course I may be mistaken, I'm only as good as the things I've been told - have read bugger all ADR stuff - it's a little dull. Addtionally FE kits generally have really pitiful lights for the rego plates. Some have those LED in bolt types and cops love to single them out as inadequate... during the day... without even seeing what it's like at night.

They're a right pain tho, the whole ADR business and rear fenders is somewhat annoying... there's an article somewhere where a bloke basically built one to ADR spec and still got fined. Went to court and lost, if I recall. I'll have to dig up the article...

As far as I can tell a lot of new sportsbikes shouldn't even be allowed to be registered... their stock fenders look like they'd fail, ride it off the show room floor and get a ticket.

I have thought about fibre glassing one, the primary reason I haven't (aside from my lack of fibre glassing skills, that is) is that I have not been able to think of a sufficiently good looking hugger design that would look ok on a sports bike.

I'm happy with the rear fender on the RX, in case you were getting confused. I want a hugger on my FZ6N

It's definitely something I'm looking at doing in the distant future tho... I've got a few other mods to undertake on the FZ6 and RX in the meantime
boars said…
Here's an example of a stock fender still not being good enough:

Some cops know less about the things they enforce than we do and it's amusing and painful all at once. Had a bloke pull me over, comment that my car was too low, that my diff was too low... I asked him what a diff was, he looked awkward and admitted he didn't know. Soon after he drove off and left me wondering...

He was also up my arse for a while in some twisties in an unmarked car. I think he was trying to push me above the speed limit so he could write a ticket - bleh.
Boars said…
Read the rest of that thread... and it was missing a peice. Woops :) Still, my point stands... just a little to the side now.
LSG said…
I see what you're saying. I guess it really depends on who's doing the inspection. I've only ever been pulled over once after all these years on the bike.

Having said that I nearly got booked for Jaywalking of all things :/
Boars said…
I finally found the page I was looking for... the reason it was so hard? Looks like either the bloke stopped paying the bills or the company lost all it's data...

Thankfully the trusty web archive (way back machine) had it... altho some of the images appear to be missing from the pages contained therein.

Nothing is ever easy :)
LSG said…
Good find!

Unless your bike is stock standard out of the box?, there's always a chance you're going to get pinged for something.

Revenue raising 101 me thinks
Sebastian said…
Wow! Beautiful bike. Great pictures the one with the mural in the background.
LSG said…
Thanks Sebastian!

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