New Project - The Experiment

Well a couple of weeks ago we picked up a neat 1987 Yamaha SRX250.  I didn't know much about this bike but it looked so similar to it's bigger bro the SRX600 which I'd seen before.

It was a non-runner but apparently it had been ridden as a daily commute about 2 years ago.  Everything looked in fairly good condition and all original.  The carb inlet boots were perished and it needed new a new chain and sprockets, but the frame and tank were straight.

The previously owner was a scientist, and while we were inspecting the bike I was trying to formulate scientific small talk to break the awkward science sorry I mean silence.  Things like "So what's with that gravity, can be a real downer sometimes hey?", "Did you hear about the baker that got electrocuted?  He stepped on a bun and a current ran up his leg".

Didn't get much of a response, and as I realised scientists can be a tough crowd.  But anyway we made an offer and he accepted it.  I think he accepted it not because it was a good offer but because he wanted us to stop as we were lowering his IQ.

And for this we have named the new project

We won't be bending any time nor space, but hopefully we'll be cloning a few things we've done successfully in the past.


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