Hide Motorcycles Glory

Found this beast over on the Hide Motorcycles website while looking for some front fairing inspiration.

It's called the Buell Glory and is based on a Buell 2005 Lightning and features a number of nicely done custom mods including an aluminium tank and front fairing, solid disc wheels and a scrambler style pipe.

For me it's one of those bikes that isn't instantly appealing, but the more I look at it the more I dig it.

They've got some other nice builds on their site too.


[All images from the HIDE Motorcycle website]


Boars said…
The top photo looks great... but when looking at the front cowling, there's something that's just off about it. Cannot place my finger on it.

The solid disc wheels are fantastic tho, reminds me a bit of Tron in a way I guess. Definitely different.
LSG said…
I like this one because of how different it looks. The blacked out wheels and cowls definitely give it a solid feel
Boars said…
The Metalback bike by this guy is an interesting looking concept: http://jordanmeadowsdesign.com/gallery_moto.php

I've always liked solid wheels... that and the fad that came and went with clear wheels on cars. I thought that would look rather interesting on a bike.

I figured it'd be a poor mans option for hubless wheels... then I heard the price - not so much!

Something like this on a bike would look interesting: http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/307/19qv.jpg/sr=1

Not particularly a fan of it on a car... imagine having to clean the brake dust off the inside of your car wheels, yeah, practical... definitely a show pony type thing - still interesting and I have a fascination with exposing internals of things. Like watches that have clear cases so you can see the inner gears doing their things.
LSG said…
That MetalBlack bike looks like something out of Neo Tokyo, Steam Punk style. Would equally look the part in Akira... very interesting.

I think I turned off the clear wheel thing when OCC starting using them on their builds. Although I do agree with you about the fascination about seeing the inner workings of a component.

Clear engine casings would be different. Not sure what material you would use though?
Boars said…
In all fairness, I haven't seen anyone aside from OCC use them... :) They're not cheap. I'd still love to see some on a sports bike.

As for engines, I'd imagine something like Transparent Aluminium could be used in certain areas... I'm really not familiar with the properties of it other than it can stop AA gun fire ... which in this instance is completely irrelevant and useless albeit somewhat interesting.

The only internal areas currently visible in some builds are custom clutch covers but they're not using metal for that. Altho there may be others I haven't seen.
LSG said…
Yeah I've often thought about running a dry clutch so all the inner workings could be exposed.

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