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Hope everyone has a great new year and manages to stay up long enough to see your local council spend a bucket load of cash on fireworks. Hope 2012 brings fun times, great bikes and great rides for y'all. Now for beer!

New parts have arrived

New parts have arrived just in the nick of time before Christmas.  If you would like any shoot me an email and I'll be able to send them off express.  Or if you're in the Brisbane area feel free let me know. I'll try and get a chance to take some photos to put up but here's a quick list - Bates style headlight with blue lens and high beam indicator. - Cafe Racer taillight including number plate bracket / tail tidy - LED taillight with number plate bracket / tail tidy - Black and Gum rubber grips - Aluminum bar ends to match the rubber grips - LED speedo including all warning lights - Speedo with white face - LED indicator warning lights. Merry Christmas and take care if you're out and riding over the break

The Honduki

The Honduki is based on a 1975 GT550. A number of modification were made to the classic 2 stroke including a custom subframe and tail.  Modified expansion chambers. Ninja 636 rear suspension. Honda headlight and some GSXR forks. By the sounds of things this would handle like a supersport. I dig the last shot, very David Copperfield in Vegas. [source: Derestricted and Motohangar ]