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Jeremy Jones Bikes of Bolts

Haven't seen a sporty ridden like that in a while.

Post Modern Motorcycles

These guys have been around for a while and last time I was in Melbourne I spent half the afternoon looking for their workshop in Fitzroy.  Unable to find it I ended up settling for a Pint or two. What I didn't realise that Merrick Watts is the silent partner in the joint venture.  Their vision with PMM is to creation a so called "Sheep in Wolfs Clothing" using the bullet proof CT110 Postie Bike.  For those of you that aren't from Australia, Merrick was most recognisable as the radio host on Tripple J a few years back.  After leaving he went on to other more commercial stations. One thing that I like are the names given to each bike.  Each playing on the Honda's history in Australia as a Postal services vehicle with names such as Junk Mail and Dear John. Their creations are interesting and certainly appeal to the innercity market, with their low cc and higher price range.  I would see them as being a competitor with the Vespa crowd putting from one

Much Much Go

Great video from a Collaborative called Fuel Tank TV focussing on the winner of the first Deus Biker Build Off 2010 . MUCH MUCH AWESOME   via Return of the Cafe Racers

Asahi and Tuna

Just came back from a week in Tokyo and it was a blast.  Ended up spending most of our time around the old area of Asakusa. I've been to Japan before around 7 years ago and I've noticed a few changes since.  The one noticeable change was that there didn't seem to be as many motorcycles on the roads.  I was told by and old man out the front of Senso-ji Temple that noise restrictions had been put into place.  He also told me that the young folk are lazy, rude and listen to loud music.  I guess some things never change no matter what culture you're from. I did manage to see some nice customs and pay a visit to Bratstyle and their new shop.  Very impressive!  I couldn't afford any of their bikes so I bought a hat instead. Have been back for a day and am already having sushi and ramen withdrawals. Back to the real world.

So a pair of Mirrors walked into a handle bar...

and said to the Bartender "Why the long face?" the Bartender hesitantly replied "I'll spare you the details..... it's a convex situation" Besides coming up with that fantastic joke we managed to get the Bar Ends on and the  Oury grips along with the front disc and caliper.  The grips work really well with the tyres, and because the bars are not as wide as standard tracker bars adding the bar ends means we don't need a "wide load coming through" sticker . Ended up using pit bike brake and clutch controls as the stock yamaha controls were too large.  Also they had the mirror stem which we wouldn't be using anymore because of the new mirrors It's coming together and we will be working on more of the electrics tomorrow.  We need to extend the harness as we'll be hiding all the electrics under the seat.  Should have it started by the end of the day.