It's not about the size of your bike....

It's how you ride it?

Since we've been working on the 125 Legbreaker I've really come to love the smaller bikes.  Not only are they light and easy to work on (ie you can lift an engine out without a hernia) they're great fun to ride.

I remember when I first went to a track, one of the instructors told us when cornering if you decreased the speed you would increase the fun.  I thought that was a load of rubbish at the time as I took off like a bull at a gate, scoffing inside my helmet as I prepared to enter into the first corner.

However not only was I running wide but I also nearly soiled myself a number of times.  I started to slow down a bit around the corners and I was able to concentrate more on my positioning and line through the bend and as a result began to ride a lot smoother.

Great looking Honda 125 would be a blast to ride through the twisties

It was after that experience that I realised that I didn't need to go 1000mph especially on open roads  with other cars / bikes / animals / oil slicks / gravel / chickens crossing the road.  That's probably why I've really enjoyed riding the smaller capacity bikes, especially in the city.  Not only are they more maneuverable but you can park them in smallest places and still have room to swing a cat.

Sure it's still great fun to open the throttle, and there's definitely a time and a place for it, but for me most time it's really about having fun and riding smoothly and as technically correct as I can, and if I'm able to ride something that I've worked on then even better.

And more importantly I hate giving the state any more of my hard earned funds.

Why do you ride, and does size matter to you?


Unknown said…
solid bike!though dis paintwork has been seen on a lot of Super Fours,dis is definitely one of e finest ones!Not 4getting his unique tail lite of "HONDA"! "WOW" *faints*

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Alvin said…
I know what you mean. size really doesnt matter. I've stopped riding for almost 2 years now and just started riding again with a friend's Aprilia RS125 and its so much fun! I don't really know how to explain it, but it seems like its a video game. You have to think about traffic conditions 3 steps ahead bcos u don't want to lose speed and come to a stop. Where else if you're on a big bike it doesn't really matter.. haha And i've recently got on a scooter too. Scooting around the city, i was thinking to myself why the hell did i want to ride around in hot leathers changing gears and braking when i can just twist and go. haha
LSG said…
Hey Alvin, too right scooters are great fun! Had a friends for a while top speed of 80 down hill with a breeze behind my back.

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