So-Cal Miler – Hot Rod Street Tracker

This Street Tracker is what Richard Varner and Richard Pollock believe to be the equivalent of a Hot Rod in the motorcycle world.

The 4 wheeled Hot Rods are built and modified to produce the best performance possible, Pollock felt that this was not the case for motorcycles with the chopper as the two wheeled equivalent.  He further explains that choppers have become more of a showcase for chrome and less about handling and performance.

With that in mind both Richards teamed up with So-Cal Speed shop, who are famous for their Hot Rods, to create a limited run of 20 or these Triumph Hot Rods.

They will be based around a Triumph Bonneville.  Supporting a lightweight chasis, a lightened flywheel and a remapped ignition system amongst many other things. They will also be creating a number of bolt on parts for stock triumphs which the general public will be able to purchase.

You can read more about the bike written by Richard Pollock here, and see more photos here

All photos taken from the Streetmaster website


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