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Hubba Hubba

Well today we managed to get the hubs dismantled and cleaned up and painted. Spent A LOT of time removing the 1970's dirt from around the sprocket side hub.   Also made a start on the hand polishing of the fins, started with 240 Grit paper then working up to 400 then will work it with a buffing wheel and compound. Just ordered a new set of front and back wheel bearings from Pyramid Parts as these bearings had more crunch than the gobble doc on crack.  Hopefully get them by the end of the week.

The Hammer of God

This shovel is owned and was built by Church of Choppers Jeff Wright.   I really love the swingarm and the shock setup on this one. It also gone through a couple of colour changes, first the white and then the red.  Can't go wrong with either paint scheme.     Image from

Depth of Speed - Salt Flats Speed Shop

The third installment from the Depth of Speed series.  This time they visit a young guy by the name of Chris Davenport who runs the Salt Flats Speed Shop.  The shop primarily focuses on customization of pre war 1930's rods along with sheet metal fabrication and finishing. Being a spring chicken compared to many other rodders around Chris speaks of fitting in with the older generation.  He also expresses his satisfaction in creating rod parts by hand, along with the passion behind it, which is a common theme in this series thus far. I tend to agree. I'm only slightly envious of his workshop too.  You can check out Salt Flats Speed Shop website here Here are the previous Depth of Speed videos part 1 part 2

Shinyas Latest Creation

Here are some progress shots from master craftsman Shinya Kimura's garage. So far, this thing looks fast standing still, can't wait to see it on the flats. [Images from]

Ducati Monster 696 Monster Challenge

You don't often see that many customized  monsters so it was a nice surprise to see this one floating around the interwebs. This build by Vance Harper was entered into this years North America's Monster Challenge  and has been entered into the amateur category.  I like it because the changes are subtle and it's not overly blinged up like Ray Martins Logie Cabinet. The Monster Challenge is is open to all new-generation Monsters model year 2008 or newer (Monster 696, Monster 696 ABS, Monster 796, Monster 796 ABS, Monster 1100, Monster 1100 S and Monster 1100 EVO).  With this year being the first to have both an Amateur and Professional category. First prize is a Dream Ducati experience for two to Bologna, Italy. Good luck Vance judging by the current number of votes you have a great chance. You can see other entries to the Monster Challenge here

Priming the Tank

The Legbreaker tank is now primed and ready for base coating. Spent most of the day today, sanding and bogging, sanding bogging x 20.  Removing the dings on the top and sides and the Yamaha indents smooth ready for primer.  If I had a babies bottom next to it and a blindfolded person had to distinguish between the too, I'd bet my bottom dollar that they would have a tough time. Happy with the results.  Will need to wetsand the primer with 400 grit before laying down the base coat. Also made a start on cleaning up the Engine cases.  They were slightly scratched up but using the buffer wheel they've come up alright.  Still deciding on the whether or not to paint the remaining engine parts. 

Depth of Speed - Andy The Pinstriper

This is another great video from the series Depth of Speed.  Previously I posted the first video  in the series about Pangea Speed shop, however this time it features Andy Kawahara.  He runs a Pinstriping shop aptly named Andy's Pinstriping. He is passionate about his work and like many successful business owners he does it for the love and not the dollar sign. He speaks of the dying art, and how the vinyl industry has wiped out a lot of the industry. Enjoy

Legbreak joins a nudist colony

Today we stripped everything off the little 125.  It came apart fairly easily with little persuasion from the rubber mallet (AKA. THE PERSUADOR). We then cut off the rear foot pegs and the tail of the frame to fit the seat.  We also popped the fibreglass plug which we'll use to cast our seat from. Next up paint strip then paint.

Mack Brush Tester

I picked up a couple of new Mack pinstripe brushes yesterday and wanted to see what they were like.  Outlined a Koi design on a new Biltwell Helmet. Hands were a bit shaky at the start, especially painting with One Shot.  There's a reason they call it One Shot.

RSD Desmo Progress

Roland Sands has decided to pull apart a Ducati Desmosedici and turn it into a tracker. Looks incredible so far.  I sweat when I think about modifying my $400 bike let alone a $60,000 one.  Looking forward to seeing the final result. The title says it all

A chop called Ariel

Unlike the character from Disney's The Little Mermaid, this Ariel doesn't have a sweet singing voice nor does it live under the sea with a pet crab.  This one looks like it's been on the wrong side of the tracks, it has attitude and  a toughness that you find with most of the builds coming from a Japanese shop called Hide Motorcycles. It's based on a Evo Softail and it has what looks to be a modified triumph tank. I could see King Triton rocking this thing under the sea. All images from the Hide Motorcycle website

Mini Taillights now Available

Have some really nice mini taillights in stock available in both black and chrome. These look really great attached to a chopped rear fender. Price is: $37 AUD + Shipping. Specifications : Black or Chrome Housing E-Marked Includes a clear section for the number plate light below. About 50mm Diameter and 80mm in Length Shoot me an email at lanesplitterblog at gmail dot com if you have any questions or would like to purchase one.  PM

LEG BREAKER - Mounted Speedo

We managed to find some time to do some work this morning.  We made a bracket for mounting the speedo.  We will only be running a single gauge to de-clutter the dash. We also did some more work on the oil tank which will sit just above the swingarm.

Fiberglass Supplies - what you need

Picked up some Fiberglass supplies for the Leg Breaker's seat build.  I've used a company called Fiberglass International which deal with both wholesale and direct to the public. These guys are really helpful and quite a bit cheaper than buying fibreglass from the large supply chains such as Bunnings / Supercheap etc. Basically you need three things. Matting Resin Catalyst You mix the Resin with 1.5% of Catalyst apply to the Matting wait for it to harden, and then PRESTO you have a mould.  You can then apply as many layers as you see fit.   Depending on the matting normally 2-3 layers should be strong enough.  It's better to work under conditions of about 22 degrees C just to ensure that you get the gel doesn't dry too quickly or not dry at all. The good thing about fiberglass is that it's extremely light when finished, albeit messy to work with.

LED Indicators for sale

The MINI-MINORS I've just recently got in some great little mini LED indicators.  These are great if you're having trouble finding a set that won't impede on your overall design of your bike.  Also being LEDS they have a much lower current draw. Price: $25.00 AUD with Free postage within Australia. If you are outside of Australia let me know an I can calculate the correct amount. Specifications: 12V LED Indicators E-Marked Black Bullet Connectors The SILVER BULLETS A beautiful bullet shaped chrome indicator. These also feature a short stalk perfect in keeping your build nice and lean.  Would look great if you have other chrome bits and pieces such as headlight or tail light, or looking to accent a blacked out frame. Price: $35.00 AUD If you are outside of Australia let me know an I can calculate the correct amount. Specifications: 12V LED Indicators 19 Super Bright LEDS in each indicator Sold as a pair Bullet Connectors

Bar End Mirrors For Sale

Have just got in some Universal high quality CNC Aluminium bar end mirrors. Made By High Qualtiy Aluminum CNC machined T-6063 Aluminum.  Optical grade polarised convex mirrors  69 mm diameter CONVEX glass. They fit 7/8 I'm selling these for $30 a pair. If you're outside Australia let me know and I'll work out the correct postage. Send me an email at lanesplitterblog at gmail dot com if you would like a set.

So-Cal Miler – Hot Rod Street Tracker

This Street Tracker is what Richard Varner and Richard Pollock believe to be the equivalent of a Hot Rod in the motorcycle world. The 4 wheeled Hot Rods are built and modified to produce the best performance possible, Pollock felt that this was not the case for motorcycles with the chopper as the two wheeled equivalent.  He further explains that choppers have become more of a showcase for chrome and less about handling and performance. With that in mind both Richards teamed up with So-Cal Speed shop, who are famous for their Hot Rods, to create a limited run of 20 or these Triumph Hot Rods. They will be based around a Triumph Bonneville.  Supporting a lightweight chasis, a lightened flywheel and a remapped ignition system amongst many other things. They will also be creating a number of bolt on parts for stock triumphs which the general public will be able to purchase. You can read more about the bike written by Richard Pollock here , and see more photos here