Les Ateliers Ruby

I was walking down Clarendon Street the other day and using my peripheral vision I noticed a few of the beauties sitting on a hat stand.

The Les Ateliers Ruby Helmet.  Upon closer inspection finds intricate details such as quilted cardinal red lining, the titanium mountings and the cheek panels made from teeny tinee baby lambs.  There is also a rear pocket at the rear of the helmet to store any vital information in case of emergency.

They're even fancy enough for Kiera Knightly to wear one in her lastest perfumery commercial.  Even though the logo had been removed for the shoot you could tell it was a Ruby.

Kiera Knightly concentrating on looking good

Tron Themed Ruby
The latest helmet collection is stated to have been inspired by Steve McQueen, Science Fiction and a great tradition of French luxury.  All this is fine and dandy, but I'm fairly certain they just ripped of the design from the guys at the G-Force headquarters.

The Original Ruby


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