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The way of the Desert Sled

Cycleworld has just released a nice video on some of the custom Triumphs designed by Hammarhead Industries .  It's a nicely shot video with more of a shoot the breeze conversational feel rather than a Q and A. It also shows footage of  owner James Hammarhead fanging it through the desert on their very popular build the Jack Pine. Jack Pine [image from Hammarhead Industries] Hammarhead Industries' aim is to create simple yet modern bikes, that are inspired from the iconic machines of the 50's.

Breitling Cafe Racer

This fantastic cafe racer was built by a Alain Bernard from custom shop called Santiago Chopper, and was featured as part of the TV series Cafe Racer which screens on the Discovery Channel.  I'm yet to see this TV series as I'm too much of a tightwad to spend the money to get fox.  Although from what I've heard this show might be worth the admission price alone. The powerplant is based on a 70's Kawasaki Z900 which sits snug into a 70's vintage Moto Martin frame.  The classic chassis is also juxtaposed against the more modern Suzuki GSXR-600 swing-arm and suspension. The final product is beautiful especially from a shop that's more renowned for their chopper and bobber builds than cafe racers. Another positive to come out of this build was that sale of Breitling Cafe Racer Raised $35000.00 for the Curing Kids Cancer Foundation. You can see more pics and information on the bike on the Santiago Chopper site. pics from the Santiago Chopper

Depth of Speed

Great video called based around Andy Carter, founder of a custom shop called Pangea Speed.  He has a great attitude to go with some nice bikes. This video is part of a new series which will focus on the independent automotive world which will screen on HBTV. From the creator "Depth of Speed was born from a desire of story, travel, and a love of anything automotive related. Next year my wife and I will be taking to the streets to uncover and document the greatest stories from the automotive world. From coast-to-coast and from top to bottom, finding the best stories will take the highest priority."  

Twinline 1975 Kawasaki S1 Cafe Racer

The guys at Twinline have been building some sharp looking bikes including this Kawasaki S1. There has been some thought gone into the design around balancing the tripple exhaust with the rest of the elements on the bike.  Their solution to provides something that's visually engaging no matter what angle you look at it from. " With a triple the symmetry that is so easy to follow in the old twins and fours is interrupted by three pipes two on one side the other all alone. I wanted to follow this offset by frenching the tail light off to one side, and do the same with the head lights in a street fighter style. Its personality changes as you walk around the bike." You can check out more of their builds here  on their website. [Images from the Twinline website]

Les Ateliers Ruby

I was walking down Clarendon Street the other day and using my peripheral vision I noticed a few of the beauties sitting on a hat stand. The Les Ateliers Ruby Helmet.  Upon closer inspection finds intricate details such as quilted cardinal red lining, the titanium mountings and the cheek panels made from teeny tinee baby lambs.  There is also a rear pocket at the rear of the helmet to store any vital information in case of emergency. They're even fancy enough for Kiera Knightly to wear one in her lastest perfumery commercial.  Even though the logo had been removed for the shoot you could tell it was a Ruby. Kiera Knightly concentrating on looking good Tron Themed Ruby The latest helmet collection is stated to have been inspired by Steve McQueen, Science Fiction and a great tradition of French luxury.  All this is fine and dandy, but I'm fairly certain they just ripped of the design from the guys at the G-Force headquarters. The Original Ruby

Chicken Salad

Pics by Nathan DiClaudio Previously I had a post about a custom shop called LC Fabrications that created an amazing looking triumph .  But now they've taken what the previous owner called "just a f*&@'n Yamaha" which was a half cut 79 XS650 into very clean streetwise motorcycle. I really like the lines on this bike, the exhausts run parallel with the tail piece, and the whitespace between the seat and the frame really opens it up to more of a higher riding position than the traditional bobber. The twin headlights also suit the bike perfectly, with the twins also matching the taillights to finish off the rear end of the bike. It was called the "chicken salad" after what builder Jeremy thought he was starting out with.  Well he's turned this chicken salad into a something that's leaner, yet has more calories and would keep you satisfied for a lot longer. This is one salad I wouldn't feel embarrassed ordering while dining at a

Closer to the edge

I really want to see this documentary about the TT.  Always been fascinated by the Isle of Man TT since seeing an older documentary about it when I was younger. The documentary is primarily focucessed on racer Guy Martin (who is Tim Rogers's doppelganger) and documents his and other riders dedication, to risk their lives to become king of the mountain.  It's shot in 3D and narrated by Jared Leto.

Legalise Lane Splitting in Australia

Was just emailed a link to sign a petition to legalise Lane Splitting or "filtering" in Australia. I fully support lane splitting obviously, so if you do to take a minute to virtually sign it. Link to the petition is here


The Plain Jane Hypermotard After reading an article in the lastest motorcycle trader about Ducati introducing a new 659 Monster to cater for the LAMS riders.   It got me thinking about what Duke I would own if I had a wad of cash burning a hole in my Jeans West trousers. Obviously the idea by the Ducati marketing teams was to give the LAMS rider an opportunity to own a ducati.  That and to drop in on the same market dominated by the 250 Ninja and the newly introduced CBR250. The monster is a great bike and I know a couple of people that own them and love them.   It's a model that hasn't really changed since it was first introduced in 1993.  However I'm all for change and when they introduced the Ducati Hypermotard it was a bike that I was instantly attracted to.  It doesn't have the beauty of a 1098 and even though it shares the same visual cues as the Multistrada it still has a look that is completely unique.  Along with an engine that you could have some seri