Tribute to the ZIP TIE

While reading the post on the Buell Blast Custom over at BikesExif I noticed that they had used as what looked like a zip tie for a hose clamp in one of the photos.  This got me thinking about the 101 uses of the zip tie.  One of the most versatile inventions ever made.

Zip Ties around the hose clamp

A Zip Ties life is a tragic one, as once they are tied they can never be used again.  Much like the life as a bee with their single sting.  On using their sting they are taken away to the great bee hive in the sky.

"Cable ties were first invented by Thomas & Betts, an electrical company, in 1958 under the brand name Ty-Rap initially designed for airplane wire harnesses. The original design used a metal ratchet instead of nylon. They later changed to the nylon/plastic design." Wikipedia

My top 5 uses of the zip tie would have to be

Attaching wires to the frame
Attaching cables to bike frames - Common knowledge on this one

    The Magpie Deflector
Attaching them to helmets to keep away magpies and any other attack bird - Simple yet effective

    Ghetto Cuffs
Ghetto Handcuffs - You're a policeman and your district has run out of funding for the shiny ones? Why not bust out some heavy duty Zip Ties.

    Stop the Hubs from wandering off
Stopping Hubcaps coming off your car - Can't keep count the number of hubcaps I've seen in my rear vision mirror rolling off into the sunset behind me.

The ones that didn't get away
Closing your crab pot cage - Can also be used to cuff the crabs claws together so you don't have excuse for the one that got away.

I can't imagine the world without the zip tie.  They are truly a marvel.

What uses have you used for a zip tie?  What's your top use for them?

Let me know!


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