Feeling Historical

Today I spent the day taking a look at the Historic Motorcycle show up in the hills.  It wasn't the best weather for the show but it didn't stop some amazing old bikes being put on display.

If I had an old classic I probably would have left it under the bike cover.  But I'm grateful the owners didn't share the same attitude as me, otherwise myself and a number of other spectators would have had nothing to eyeball.

There was quite a good mixtures from all manufacturers with the American, British, and Japanese models all making an appearance.


Anonymous said…
Some classic bikes there
Adri said…
Often my favourite part of any motorcycle show is the classic bikes section. We've been going for years and even though it's now starting to be the same old girls over and over, with the characters these old ladies have I never get tired of seeing them.
LSG said…
@Adri Totally agree. Some of the owners are real characters too. Classic bikes will never go out of style.

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