Taimoshan - Super Cafe Racer

Found this fantastic example of a modern cafe racer while looking over at sideblog.

Built by Taimoshan Cycle Works, a Custom Motorcycle Shop in Cardiff, this Super Cafe Racer houses an Aprilia RSV V-Twin water cooled engine into an open tubed frame.

I could only imagine the time and thought taken to create something like this, especially since fuel injection, modern brakes, electric ignition, a full engine computer management system all have been included in the build.

Yet looking with an untrained eye, it looks like a 1960's elegant cafe racer, not something that would smoke the competition if taken to a track.  Any signs of these modern luxuries are hidden beautifully along with the enormous wiring harness required to run the componentry.

I'd love to have a ride on this, but I'd be also happy having it sit in the lounge room under the lamp shade while watching highlights of the Isle of Man TT

You can view more of the bike here along with the parts required for the build.

 [All photos taken from the Taimoshan Cycle Work Website]


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