The Switch XS250 Project is now for sale

We'll we've decided to put the XS250 project up for sale to finance another project.  Much blood sweat and  beers, I mean tears have gone into this project.  It's been like a wounded animal found in the outskirts of Ipswich by the side of the road that's been nurtured back to health...  and now it's time for it to be released back into the wild.

81 Yamaha XS250

Odo Reading:

List of bits and bobs:

  • Full Strip and Repaint.
  • New Bridgestone tyres
  • Custom handmade tail and leather stitched seat
  • New powdercoated stainless headlight bucket
  • LED taillight and indicators
  • New mini Tacho
  • New pipes
  • New street tracker handlebars and Grips
  • New front brake pads and clutch cable.
  • New shockies
  • New fork Seals
  • New steering bearings
  • New chain and sprockets
  • New Battery
Rides and runs great.

Shoot me an email if you need any more info


Trent Reker said…
hey mister, if you email me high resolution pix (800 pixels wide or better), location and price, i'll post your bike on bikerMetric tomorrow.

peace out;


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